Thursday, July 17, 2014

Have Lunch with Me: BBQ Chicken

Have Lunch with Me: BBQ Chicken.  Simple, fast way to turn last night's leftovers into a yummy lunch.
Have Lunch with Me: BBQ Chicken
Today's leftover to recreate was a portion of chicken that Hubby and I had grilled over the weekend.  It'd be great just reheated, but even better shredded and doused in BBQ sauce and served on a piece of whole wheat toast.

  • Strip all of the meat from the bone.
  • Heat a pan to med-low and add a smidge of olive oil.
  • Add chicken to the heated pan
  • Add BBQ sauce and spices to taste
  • Heat until warmed through and serve open faced on warm toast
  • Top with Trader Joe's Fried Onion Pieces for a bit of crunch
I used a mixture of KC Masterpiece and a local BBQ shack's sauce called Shawn's Smokehouse Barbeque (in Culpeper, VA).  I also added a few grinds of garlic salt and cracked black pepper.

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