Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beautiful Skies and Promises of Better Days

Sunlight streaming through clouds. Blue Ridge Mountains. Nature
One of the things that I am so thankful for since moving here to the mountains is the beautiful and awe-inspiring vistas.  Natural beauty is abundant here and even on the foggiest, dreariest, coldest day, the soul-filling serenity is as boundless as God's Love.

I have many days that I spend in pain and imagine how much harder my life would be if I didn't have the benefit of being able to stay at home while my husband works hard to support us.  Even on my worst days, just looking out of the window from my bed and seeing a fawn play with his mother or the birds soar, or the gorgeous sky fills me with hope and happiness.
A beautiful sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains

I am not sure what this life has in store for me, and I will never stop looking for greener grass, but in the meantime I am happy to stop and smell the roses...or watch the sunset for the five-hundredth time.  If this is all there is, I am learning the patience of contentment.

Sappy Reflection Time is over.

So July is a busy month of birthdays in my family (lots of folks getting busy in September!).  My sister-in-law's fiancee, Brother, Father, and Hubby were all born in July.  Hubby and I invited the fiancee and family up for his birthday and we had a fun day of fishing, catching up, and of course, eating a lovely summer feast.
Low country boil at sunset Low Country Boil Fresh corn * smoked sausage * new potatoes * peel-on shrimp 1/2 C Old Bay * 2T sea salt * 8Q water Boil water with seasoning. Add potatoes. Cook 13 min.  Add corn. Cook 5 min.  Add shrimp and sausage, Cook 3-4 min. Drain. Dump onto paper or plastic tablecloth and dig in!
Brother has had some medical issues; he just found out that he has a bleeding ulcer.  I am unsure of how truthful he's being about the pain or the diagnosis because of discrepancies his story has had when telling Mother, Hubby, and me.  But I love him completely, fibs and all.  I hope he finds the  fulfillment he is seeking and desperate for.  I feel like he is lost in this life but that providing him with a guide would blind him further. I think it's in his best interest to find his own way out of the hole so that his roots will be firm.  He's been helped out of the hole so many times that he has become weak and reliant.  I hope and I pray that he will see the lights before his life is over and he has too many regrets.

Here's one of the cards I made this month
Happy Birthday card. #bunny #rabbit #sunshine #woodland animals #Aviary
This was taken in our driveway. Just another cute bunny crossing the driveway...and then I embellished it using the Aviary app on my phone.  I thought this was pretty cute.

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