Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sometimes things are just going too well. 

You've been working hard. You've been trying new things.  You've been taking up others' slack.  You finally have a bit of confidence and aren't looking over your shoulder at every turn to see who's ready to take you down a peg.

And then it happens. You've overstepped some invisible boundary and have fallen on your face.  You realize that all the insecurities you've overcome were things you deserved to be insecure about.  Who were you kidding?

And it's never a direct punch.  It's a sentence, not even aimed at you, but one you're meant to overhear and infer from, and it hurts worse because you didn't see it coming and it was from someone you thought was a friend.  Someone who would have been kind to just say what they thought to you, but this was meant to cut- and it did.

Struggling to prove my worth...to myself.